We have a unique perspective on talent partnerships because we represent both celebrities and influencers, as well as brands. We have relationships with the top talent publicists in entertainment, as well as direct relationships with influencers and the agencies that manage them. WE HAVE EXTENDED INVITATIONS AND CURATED TRIPS TO GOLDEN DOOR FOR NUMEROUS A-LIST TALENT, RESULTING IN SOCIAL MEDIA IMPRESSIONS, PUBLICITY, TESTIMONIALS AND WORD-OF-MOUTH REFERRALS THAT GENERATED STAYS FROM OTHER HIGH-PROFILE GUESTS. BELOW IS JUST A SAMPLE OF THE TYPES OF PARTNERSHIPS WE HAVE DONE IN ADDITION TO SECURING VISITS WITH TOP TRAVEL INFLUENCERS.


Tory Sport x Golden Door w/ Emma Roberts

We partnered with Tory Burch to have Emma Roberts and her stylists visit Golden Door, while showcasing the newest collection of Tory Sport. Emma’s post alone recieved over 350K likes on Instagram and the campagin garnered millions of impressions.


Fohr Card Influencer Event at Golden Door

We partnered with Damsel in Dior + Fohr Card to bring four top fashion and travel influencers to the property including Always Judging, Le Happy, and Trop Rouge. It garnered over 28 million impressions, and over $420K ad value (based on a CPM of $15).

Photography by James Nord

"All in all, a trip to the Golden Door was just what the Doctor ordered for this run down Damsel. If you are looking to get in shape, get your mind in check and hit re-set on your health and nutrition, I cannot recommend this incredible experience enough!

- Jacey Dupree/Damsel in Dior


Chef Ludo Lefebvre Cooking School Special Guest

We secured Chef Ludo Lefebvre to be our special guest during Cooking School for the last two years. Chef Ludo also provided us with a quote for the Wall Street Journal about his experience at Men's Camp.


Striiike Beauty Pop Up at Golden Door

We partnered with celebrity glam team, the Streicher Sisters, to create a Striiike Pop Up at Golden Door, where we offered brow, makeup and hair services.


Audrina Patridge + Decorist

We partnered Audrina Patridge with the online design service Decorist to create a Bali inspired bedroom and living room, which lead to thousands of dollars of press for both Audrina and the brand.