digital  storytelling

You know those people who are infatuated with photo likes? That’s us. We don’t do social media; we study it. We obsess over the best times to post, what content elicits engagement and how one beautiful photo can say convey something impossible to put into words.

  • We provide art direction to help you create the best content for your brand. We hire the photographer, create mood boards, buy props, and manage the shoot.

  • We provide social media analysis, which includes an audit across channels and meticulous guidance for how you can build your following- from capturing photos to creating captions that will attract influencers to your brand.

  • We offer a social media takeover for those that prefer a full-service solution. We’ll start with an analysis, manage the day-to-day maintenance of accounts and report back with analytics each month.

  • We craft influencer programs specifically for your brand. Leaning on existing relationships in the social sphere, these experiences include hand-selected bloggers who will not only draw followers, but also embody your brand through synergistic content.